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Carbon Window Tint


99% UV Protection



Toyota Camry SE Carbon Tint

Heat Rejection

Unlike cheap brands or non-carbon films, Our Carbon Window Film provides various benefits in rejection UV and IR Rays

While acquiring the privacy of this film, Carbon Window Tint provides a good amount of heat rejection! 30% Heat Rejection- Compared to "Dealer Factory Tint" Carbon offers both UV and IR Protection. "Dealer Factory Tint" provides absolutely zero protection against Harmful Sun-rays! The Glass that may seem tinted is only Dyed Glass. As a Professional Shop we have moved on from Dyed Window Tint because they would fail often... Carbon is budget friendly that will outlast all basic films. 

Although Ceramic Film provides the Highest Heat Rejection, Carbon does a great job providing UV, Heat Rejection and Privacy Benefits all in one for an affordable price! By no means is it "cheap tint" therefore, we back it up with our warranty against peeling, delaminating, and/or turning purple. Lifetime Warranty means we trust it!

Nissan GTR getting window tint

Recommended Installs

20% Front Doors
5% All Rear Windows

30% Front Doors
20% All Rear Windows

5% Darkest | 20% Medium | 30% Lightest

*All Shades Illegal in California (Front Doors Only)

Misconception of Dyed Factory "Tint"

Most Manufacturers will provide a 15%-20% Dyed Glass on the Rear Windows

This Dye is not Film or Tint by any means! It only provides a slight shade with no actual UV Protection or Heat Rejection. 


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Carbon Window Tint

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