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Carbon Tint

Carbon Series is constructed with innovative carbon technology for good heat rejection, glare reduction, and U.V. protection. 99% UV and 30% IR (Heat Rejection)


Carbon Films are manufactured with carbon particles rather than simple dyes, which perform at a level above dyed tint products and Dealer/Manufacture Dyed Glass.


SunTek Carbon Tint helps maintain cooler vehicle interiors and will not change color like some dyed films. Beautiful finish once it dries providing great protection against harmful rays. If you're looking for High Heat Rejection making the cabin of your vehicle incredibly cooler, Ceramic Window Tint is for you!

CeramicIr Window Tint

Reduce Glare, Reject IR Heat, Reject UV Rays

What is Ceramic Window Tint? Compared to many films most shops may offer, we offer the best quality films from Standard Tint to Super Ceramic Tint. Our Ceramic Tint offers amazing clarity, beautiful blue-black hue, and the best protection! CeramicIR by Suntek offers 99% UV and 84% IR (Heat Rejection). 

The Lighter Shade you choose with Ceramic, the same benefits remain!

70% Front Windshield (Clear Shade) provides great protection without adding any darkness to it!

Evolve Series

Super Ceramic 94% Heat Rejection

Luxury deserves the Best of the Best. "Super Ceramic" is the name we give it. Evolve Series Ceramic Window Tint is Top Tier in the industry. Professional installers will provide the best clarity and quality.

With Benefits that will blow your mind, 99% UV and 95% IR(Heat Rejection)

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