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Benefits of Ceramic Coating







UV Protection



Paint Correction

Do you have pre-existing scratches, scuff marks. and other blemishes? How about water spots that won't go away? Paint Correction is your answer!

We offer 2-4 Step Paint Corrections depending on the condition of your paint. We can correct up to 90% and leave a beautiful finish. We will make your paint Shine with Gloss and make your paint look brand new!

We have a complimentary 2 Step Paint Correction when bundled with a Ceramic Coating Service

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High Gloss

Ceramic Coating provides a Shine on your Gloss Paint that is unmatched to regular sprays/sealants! The coating fuses with your paint and dries as a micro layer of added Enhanced Gloss/Shine. Our Coating will last up to 5 Years with proper maintenance. 


Hydrophobic Layer

Ceramic Coating repels water in the form of small beads that just slide off your vehicle. After each wash, you can see our coating working on your paint. Tree sap, Bird Droppings, and other harsh chemicals wash off as well. Detailers won't need to upcharge for removing these types of harsh natural chemicals. Unlike sealants/waxes, Ceramic Coating does not wash off after a few weeks or months. We use premium products that last 5 Years worth of protection!

We install Ceramic Coatings on PPF as well!

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