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Suntek Reaction Film

Paint Protection Film
         (Clear Bra)

What is paint protection film? Paint protection film, also known as PPF is a multi-layer urethane based film that is anywhere from 6-8 mils thick. It is designed to reduce the impact from stones and road debris to mitigate damage to the vehicle’s paint.

These films have an 8-12 year average life expectancy and are capable of maintaining their gloss and performance over the entire lifespan.


Protect your investment from daily driving 


Full Front End Special $1600

Limited Time Only

Front End Packages (Recommended)

Partial Packages 1/3 of Hood and Fenders. Full Bumper Included

Bumper Only $650


PPF Big Ol' Trucks

High and above but you can still get scratches and rock chips on the road! Protect your Truck by installing the best film in the market. Paint Protection Film with a 12 Year Warranty!


Full Hood, Full Bumper, Full Fenders and Headlights/Foglights Protected

Watch Us Install Customer Favorite Bundle! Window Tint, PPF and Ceramic Coating

Protects everything!


Competitive Films in the PPF Industry!

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